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My career in music began when I was 11 years old.

I started playing trumpet and continued for 7 years.

I began playing guitar at 14 and have been playing for

12 years. In 2008 I graduated from Morehead State

University with a Bachelor of Music and in 2010 from

The University Of The Arts in Philadelphia,PA with a

Masters degree in Jazz Studies.


I have had the opportunity of studying under several

great teachers including Ray Ross, Glenn Ginn,

Gordon Towell, Steven Snyder, Tom Giacabetti,

Mike Kennedy, Ben Schachter, Don Glanden,

Richard Lawn, Jimmy Bruno, and Pat Martino.  

After finishing college I moved to Cincinnati Ohio and

began performing as a solo jazz guitarist. Shortly

thereafter in 2011 I started a local jazz group called

Sound Infusion with vibraphonist Mark McCafferty.

Since our formation we have had the opportunity to

perform locally in the Cincinnati area at varying venues,

festivals, weddings, and fund raisers. 


Besides being a performing musician, I am also a private guitar instructor and have had the privilege of teaching college level classes. Currently I am teaching around the Cincinnati area.


I have spent years figuring out this thing called a guitar, and I know the frustrations that come about, but​I also know the amount of discipline it takes and the love you must have for music. I am using this site to help get my music out there. I greatly appreciate all supporters.






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